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Partner Agencies

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank’s partner agencies receive access to donated products, fresh produce and USDA (TEFAP – The Emergency Food Assistance Program)  emergency food commodities, which allow them to redirect funds normally spent on food to other outreach programs.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Weekday shopping-Monday thru Friday your organization can withdraw food from our warehouse for your food distribution program needs
  • E-Alerts and Agency e-newsletters- Keeping your organization abreast of new donated product
  • Committed to Community Agency Academy- Learn more about how to further expand your organization’s capacity to serve others

Agency partnership applications may be submitted at various times of the year.  The link to the Request For Partnership (RFP) is below.  This document may be accessed at any time so that your organization may start preparing for submission.  However, please understand that the RFP will only be accepted during the month of June and the month of December.  The Foodbank strongly encourages your organization to begin a food pantry at any time that you have the resources. 

Download RFP

Food Distribution

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, through a network of nearly 200 community partners, efficiently sources and distributes over 12 million pounds of food annually to residents struggling with hunger across the Greater Peninsula.

Food Distribution Programs:

  • Warehouse Shopping– Foodbank Partner Agencies are able to access our 6,000 square foot shopping area to choose those foods best suited to the need of the organization and the people it serves.
  • Bread Plus Program– Partner Agencies that are enrolled receive meats, fresh produce, bread and bakery items, dairy products, snacks, plus other nutritious foods. Within hours food moves from the food bank to the hands of food insecure individuals.
  • USDA Food Commodity Program– Through TEFAP, partner and non-partner agencies can apply to distribute nutritious food to income eligible individuals.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Food Rescue Program– This program connects partner agencies with area grocery stores and restaurants. Select partner agencies, who are trained in safely handling and transporting food, recover food that would otherwise be tossed out and distribute it at their sites.

Agency Contact

For more information regarding Member Agency Relations please contact Katie Patrick, Director of Agency Services at:

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