Tips for a Successful Food & Fund Drive

The Voice That Can

  • Appoint a Hunger Champion/committee to plan your event.
  • Write a paragraph or personal story as to why this event is so important to you.
  • Come up with an event name that incorporates your business’ mission or the event type.
  • Examples: Move Hunger could be a moving company, golf tournament = Strike Out Hunger; CPA = Count the Cans

Goals Generate Meals

  • Determine the length of your food and fund drive. Aim for 100% participation.
  • Set a goal for monetary donations and pounds of food to be collected. $1 = 4 meals
  • Setting a target allows you to build momentum and keep the excitement alive.
  • Encourage your company to match the fund donations to increase your giving.
  • Market your Event: Posters, Flyers, E-mails and/or email signatures, Newsletter Articles, Payroll inserts Company Intranet, Social networks, PSA Announcements, Record Company Messages, Clients/customers/neighbors, Signage, Family, Friends, congregation, out of town friends and family members.

Schedule a kick-off event

  • Post the weekly progress so that everyone can see the pounds donated.
  • Encourage a pep rally. Orange is for hunger. Have everyone dress in orange. Add pom poms to the event.
  • Keep track of the donations by publishing the progress on a bulletin board, email distribution, Facebook, intranet, LCD Screens for everyone to see.

Celebrate Your Success

  • Have a recognition party, (pizza, ice cream social, or a cookout) in appreciation that every dollar and can makes a difference to those in need in your community.
  • Communicate your success with a media release or picture from the event and send to your local newspaper. Recognition is always important when giving back to your community.
  • If this is a public event that you want participation, please share your event if you’d like on the Foodbank’s Facebook. Also, if you want to share pictures, please ensure all individuals pictured have given their permission for the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank to use their photograph for recognition purposes for your donation.

Thank you for doing a great service to your community by giving back with the gift of a meal.