Opportunities for Giving

You can incorporate a food/fund drive into any event, just by asking.

Here are some ideas and opportunities for you to consider:

Where: Business, Church, Holiday, Birthday Party, Pool Party, Cook Out, School Dance, Sporting event, Open House, Art Show, Pottery, Car Show/Cycle Club, School-wide or campus-wide event, Retail Store, Parade, Farmers Market, Yard Sale, Bake Sale, Exercise Class, Card Group, Block Party, Community Day, Grocery Store, Music Event, Race, Walk, Skate-A-Thon, Wedding, Bingo, Grand Opening

Kids Opportunities for a Can Food Drive:

  • Lemonade Stand
  • Hula-Hoop Contest
  • Penny, Nickels, Dime Drive
  • Car Wash
  • Sporting Event
  • Bake Sale                       
  • Jump Rope Contest                 
  • School Play                         
  • Ice Cream Social                                              
  • Bike Ride
  • Swim Meet
  • Cookies for Cans
  • Birthday Party
  • Art/Pottery Show                 


Friendly Competition: Incorporate a little friendly and fun competition. Groups, classes, floors, and departments within your organization and senior management teams can get involved.

Schools: School children can focus on collecting an item that is kid friendly or each grade level could focus on one of our top items needed.

Dress Down Days – set an amount ($5 or 5 cans) to dress day on a Friday or a Monday.

Pot Luck/Cook Out – Ask people to bring their favorite dish and make a donation.

Bake Sale – In exchange for a piece of cake or a cookie, donate a canned item or a monetary donation.

Brown Bag Lunch – donate what you would have normally spent on lunch.

Spare Change – give everyone a jar or a small brown lunch bag and place on their desk to drop in their spare change.

Shred it – Hold a shredding event and ask people to bring monetary and can good donations in exchange for document shredding.

Food Networking: – everyone loves to share their favorite recipes. A Chili Cook off, hunger chef competition are always great ways to create a crowd and raise monetary donations.  Partner with a local restaurant.

Bag Hunger – place a grocery bag; recycle bag, or plastic bag along with the “most wanted item” at each of your co-workers workstation as a reminder that you are collecting food for the Foodbank.

Grocery Stores – contact a local grocery store to see if you can collect non-perishable can food (flyers need to be approved by Foodbank).

Ask a Friend or Neighbor: If your business is located in a shopping Center or /office complex, invite your business neighbors to join in on the food and fund drive.

Ticket For a Can: Consider holding a raffle where for every can or monetary donation the donor will be given an entry to win a neat prize (gift card, movie tickets, restaurant or gas gift card) More donations = more tickets = A Winner.

What’s the Price of a Can: A great way to raise food/funds for your drive is to hold an event where the price of admission is a can or two, or a monetary donation.

Golf Tournament/Corn Hole Tournament/5K Race/walk: Registration fee will benefit Foodbank.

Can-structure – build structures out of non-perishable canned goods.

Office Fun – ask someone to donate a $1 if their cell phone goes off in a meeting, or they are late to work, or a meeting.

Hunger Action Month- September is HUNGER ACTION MONTH. GO Orange!

Market your Event: Posters, Flyers, E-mails and/or email signatures, Newsletter Articles, Payroll inserts Company Intranet, Social networks, PSA Announcements, Record Company Messages, Clients/customers/neighbors, Signage, Family, Friends, congregation, out of town friends and family members.

We’d love to hear if you have any tips for a successful fundraising event; if so, please share them with us.

More opportunities can be found by downloading the tool kit.

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank thanks you for sharing, giving and for inspiring hope for the many families who are at risk of hunger. Hope changes everything!